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Education Project

The poor children, girls and boys, adolescents and young ones are unknown and ignored and do not have access to education. They are hungry, mistreated and kidnapped. The majority are orphans, forced to prostitute themselves and to join groups that are at the margin of the law. The above represents the reason for the work of FUNDEHUMAC. In the last ten years, FUNDEHUMAC has educated 61 professionals and worked with an average of 800 children, 35 of whom receive direct economic support.

General Objective

To offer an integrated support to scholars of primary, secondary and higher education. All the students must maintain meritorious academic work and make contribute to the social programs of the community.

 Projects for victims of violence

The violence in Colombia includes general massacres, displaced populations, and human violations of all types. FUNDEHUMAC is involved in developing the strategies to work to defend the victimized population.

General Objective

To design and implement strategies that move forward and strengthen the socio-economic situation and restore the dignity of the women who are victims of sexual violations.

Project for women, heads of households

FUNDEHUMAC has created various kinds of work, by way of micro enterprises with women who are heads of households and victims of violence. This work includes Wayuu indigenous people from the region of Manaure in the Guajira and Wiwas from Guachaca in the Sierra Nevada.

General Objective

To recognize the need to better integrate the population of women who are heads of families.

Completed projects and those underway

Work with and help to obtain education and other services for the displaced community of the Wiwa people
Life for the Magdalena State
Provide training in Micro-enterprise work
Facilitate an integrated development approach for scholars of primary, secondary and higher learning who come from low socio-economic levels, and are victims of the violence
Facilitate the attendance and accompany victims of violence to United Nations and Redepaz conferences
Organized constituent assemblies in three municipalities of the Department of Magdalena
Organized and conducted round table discussions on truth and reconciliation of victims of violence
Manage the micro loan program for women, heads of families.
Manage the Action Program of DDHH and DIH in 18 municipalities of the Department of Magdalena for the displaced community
Strengthened and worked with the process of National Reparation and Reconciliation efforts in six regions of the country
We need your help

If you want to help, our savings account is: Bancolombia: 516-187138-85; ABA: colocobm